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The Eleventh Principle of Discipleship


The11th Factor of Releasing and Maintaining Abundant Life: Living theLife of a True Disciple of Jesus Christ. 

ShareYour Faith and The Gospel Every Chance You Get 

Introduction: Inthe scriptures specifically in the Gospels, we find what theologians have
labeled for generations as The Great Commission. This command was given by
Jesus as His last important command to His disciples. We see this clearly also
in the Book of Acts 1:8. Jesus has commanded us to share our faith and the
message of Christ to everyone in the world. It is interesting that the verse in
Acts 1:8 does not show a progression of movement or direction, the Greek
verbiage demonstrates that we are to be sharing in all of these areas
continually at the same time! 

It almost goes withoutsaying that a commandment as great as this one must be followed, or one would
be in sin! Living in sin obviously stops any genuine release or maintaining the
abundant life. In fact, I have experienced and witnessed in others that as they
live an active life of sharing their faith, the excitement and abundant life of
Christ within them increases! 

1. Reasons why we share 

(1) It’sa command from Jesus Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-16; Luke 24:44-49; John
20:21; Acts 1:8 

(2) Witnessingdemonstrates wisdom Proverbs 11:30 

(3) Theresults that happen from sharing 

a. Joyand abundance being released in our hearts Luke 10:17 

b. Witnessingothers coming to Christ or at least beginning to consider Christ Acts 2:38-42;
John 4:39  

(4) Ourresponse from what has happened to us. We got to tell somebody Acts 3:1-9; John

2. Responses from people Mark 4:1-20 

(1) Hardhearts 

(2) Stoneyhearts 

(3) Distractedhearts 

(4) Fertilehearts 

3. Ways to share 

(1) Sowingseeds both verbally and through our lifestyle 

(2) Sharingyour testimonies 

(3) Sharingthe plan of salvation 

4. The greatest need to be able to share Acts1:8. The power of the Holy Spirit