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12 Prinicples of One on One Discipleship: Introduction

One of the most important matters of being a follower of Jesus Christ... Please read this first!!!


Over the next several months, I will be sharing with you 12 priniples of one-on-one discipleship! This is going to be quite an exciting journey together. We are doing this study all over the world by having believers get one person that they can share this study with and for both of them to practice together!

I am asking you to consider going through the study with me through this venue and then afterwards to enlist another believer and go through the study with them. Once the two of you are finished, then for both of you to each get another person and begin the process all over again. This continues for years. Consider how many strong disciples of Jesus we can make together!!!

I plan to post one principle each week, although there may be a few that will be for two weeks because of the length of the study together. Please feel free to contact at any time through my email: to ask questions, share concerns as well as blessings you have. I would love to hear from you.

This serves as the introduction and I plan to publish the first principle in the next day or so. I would love to hear from you that you are joining in the study together with me!

Love, Dr. Paul Evans